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Developing a Plan B {A Self-care Strategy}

This is my second post in a series of posts looking to take a deeper dive into some of the Top 10 Self-care Ideas I recently shared.  Developing a Plan B has been a...


Gratitude {A Self-care Strategy}

Gratitude, guys, it’s a game changer.  With Gratitude, you can change your life without actually changing anything (except your perspective).  I posted my top 10 self-care ideas a few weeks ago and realized that...


Work-Life Balance (or unbalance?)

I’ve been really struggling with Work-life balance recently.  I’ve got it down great when my real life (non-work) is under control—then I can handle the craziness of work.  BUT, when real life throws me...


Reflection on the Orlando Shooting

I had today as a scheduled PTO day—hoping to spend it writing posts so that I’d have some good content built up (takes the pressure off a bit)… was planning on writing about work-life...


Meet Megan! {Featured Social Worker #2}

Are you as excited as I am about the monthly featured social worker posts?!?! It’s already been super rewarding to me to get to read the responses from my social work friends, and we’re...


Music that Inspires: A Thank You to the Dixie Chicks!

Guys, I am so excited (like been excited for 6 months kind of excited!)—tonight I’m going to Chicago to see the Dixie Chicks IN CONCERT (with my mom)!!!  The Dixie Chicks have been one...


Why Social Work?

So I’ve been in social work now for 14 years and my career path has honestly not been a super thought out one, just one in which I’ve sort of gone with my gut...


Self-Evaluations: Some advice

So, It’s performance review time at our office…which means time to try and write a meaningful self-evaluation.  Now, I’m someone who likes writing so writing a self-evaluation is not such a difficult thing for...


Keeping the workplace positive—Some thoughts and Ideas

So, we’ve had several updates recently at work that have caused a downward shift in our workplace climate…understandably so, as the updates are in regards to financial decisions that tend to lead towards folks...


Impact Struggles

Anyone else struggle with your role and impact?  I recently had a conversation with a co-worker/friend that made me reflect on some things that I haven’t taken time to reflect on for a while…my...

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