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Choosing Your Teacher {A Perspective Shift}

I’ve referenced attending a training of Laura van Dernoot Lipsky’s in several posts already, including this one and this one. But, I had forgotten to mention one of my favorite techniques she talked about…a...


5 Tips for Managing Difficult Conversations

As social workers, we are put in the position of having difficult, real conversations on a regular basis.  And likely with time, these conversations become easier to navigate.  For some of us, though, that...


Meet Nate! {Featured Social Worker of the Month-September}

I am so excited to share today’s Social Worker of the Month with you! It’s Nate from over at Social Worker Success!  I reached out to Nate since we have some things in common...


Time in Nature {A Self-care Strategy}

This is the last deeper dive post from my original Top 10…so far I’ve done a deeper dive into Gratitude, Kindness, Mindfulness, Time with Friends (who fill your cup), Healthy Eating and Exercise, and...


Book Review and Giveaway!!

I am SO EXCITED about this post!!  Not only do I get to share information about a book that I’ve truly enjoyed (and think you will too), but I’m also doing my very first...


Meet Courtney! {Featured Social Worker #3}

Hello All!! I’m excited to have a social worker to feature for this month of August!!  She’s a VERY special person to me–as she was my very FIRST non-college, Social Work friend!! I was...


Overcoming Self-doubt in Social Work

Some self-disclosure here—I’m a rather sensitive person and I often tend towards self-doubt, thinking something is my fault if it doesn’t go well and lots of critical voices in my head always.  With time,...


Milwaukee–Resources For Processing

When you have a public form like this and something difficult or “bad” happens in your community, you feel an obligation to use your forum to speak about it…yet, I’m struggling to find words,...


7 Online Resources for Social Workers

So until I started this blog a few months ago, I was pretty oblivious about other social work on-line resources.  One of my underlying motives for starting this blog was to re-up my passion...


5 Tips for Finding Balance {when the world around you is chaos}

Anyone else’s life seem to ebb and flow in what feels like pretty major shifts?  Like everything in balance for a brief beautiful moment, then something gives—maybe it’s work overload, or someone gets sick...

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