Embracing Vulnerability


Hi! I'm Rachel, the founder of socialworkcommunity.com. I've been a social worker for over 10 years, mostly within the field of child welfare. I hope together we can make socialworkcommunity.com a safe place for social workers to gather, connect, and inspire one another! Thanks for being part of this community!

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4 Responses

  1. Tiffany Thompson, MSW, CSW says:

    Hello Rachel. I discovered Brene Brown in graduate school and I admire her research and speaking abilities. I think your #2 suggestion is sometimes difficult for me. These tips can be applied professionally and personally. Thank you for sharing these tips. Have a great day!

  2. Kirstie says:

    Hi, I love Brene Brown, and have read her book “The Gifts of Imperfection.” This is a fantastic piece, and I can really relate to your strategies to be more vulnerable, and your struggles with it. Number 4 on your list is also one I’ve been learning these past few months. It can be quite humbling to ask for help – but also freeing because I think cooperation with each other is part of the natural flow of life. Giving must be combined with taking if we’re truly going to connect with each other. Thank you for this insightful article!

    • Rachel says:

      Thanks so much Kirstie!! I agree with you on the asking for help piece–that it does strengthen the relationship and show true partnership when you can both help someone and ask them for help when you need it too. (Still trying to unpack in my own mind why I find it so hard!)

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