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Embracing Vulnerability

How many of you have watched Brene Brown’s Ted Talk about the Power of Vulnerability? It gets me every time. If you have yet to watch, please take 20 minutes to do so now....


5 Steps for Policy Advocacy

Are you a direct practice social worker who has realized how certain laws and policies are negatively impacting those you work with? Have you wanted to make large-scale change, but weren’t sure where to...


Why Macro Matters {and how Trump might be making America great after all}

Maybe you are similar to me. I’ve worked within direct practice as a social worker for years. My time is limited as I work full-time and am raising two energetic boys. I regularly vote...


3 Thoughts Holding You Back From Taking Care of Yourself!

All too often our thoughts hold us back from embracing the idea of self-care and the importance of it in our day to day lives. I know, I’ve been there. Today, I want to...


5 Wellness Breaks {that YOU can start TODAY}

Did you know taking breaks throughout the day is good for you? Yeah, me neither–keep on reading to learn more about the benefits and about 5 quick and easy wellness breaks you can start...


Goal Setting – Tis the Season!

So it’s that time of year again—the end of the year! Time for taking a pause to look at the year that is ending and to make some decisions about priorities for the year...


Holiday Cheer! {5 Ideas that Bring Joy}

I love the holidays.  I truly do. And I don’t always realize that others might struggle with this time of year.  A few weeks ago, I participated in #macrosw’s twitter chat (they do it...


Lessons Learned from Becky

I’m ready for 2016 to be over. I mean seriously, one of my current passwords includes “bad news 2016” because it has just been a rough one.  And apparently, the string of bad is...


Surviving the Lows

So I wrote a post not too long ago about the ups and downs of social work.  And in general my blog tends to focus on the positives or finding the positive.  But today,...


Gratitude {For this Social Work Community}

Happy Day after Thanksgiving!! Not sure about you, but I am in a food comma still and feeling lots of gratitude, while spending time with my wonderful family.  Hope you have been able to...

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