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Shaking the “Shoulds”!

A wise friend shared this phrase with me many years ago—“Shake the Shoulds”. It’s advice that I go back to often and something that has been in my mind a lot. Mostly because lately...


Book Review {On Clinical Social Work: Meditations and Truths From the Field}

Have you ever received something unexpected at precisely the right moment? Something that you didn’t think would make an impact on you, but totally did? That was this book for me. A few weeks...


21 FREE Self-care Activities

I hope you are enjoying your summer! I know I have been…just got back from a short vacation that was just what my soul needed—lots of time outdoors enjoying the beauty of nature and...


When Your Big Heart Hurts

Here are a few things I know to be true about social workers and helping professionals in general (I am clearly doing some generalizations here—sorry!): We have BIG HEARTS. We love to help others....


“Better!”: A Lesson on Positive Energy

I recently read the book The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon. This book. It was like facing a mirror and realizing what I needed to change. If you haven’t read it, I would highly...


3 Self-care Ideas {that take 3 minutes or less}

I recently asked readers and other social workers to complete a survey to help me understand more what people needed. One overwhelming response was how to do self-care in a way that doesn’t cost...


Discover TheraNest {an on-line resource for worksheets, templates, and activities}!

  I recently heard about TheraNest, an online resource for social workers (and other helping professionals, particularly those engaging in some sort of therapeutic intervention)—they offer some exciting tools, many of which are free...


How becoming a MOM has made me a better Social Worker!

Happy May—Mother’s day month! Happy Mother’s Day to other mom’s reading this post! Last year around this time I posted this one, about some struggles that happen when you are a mom and social...


7 Most Popular Posts {from the First Year of Social Work Community}

Guess What?!? Social Work Community is a year old this month! Wowzers! It has been quite a year…lots of learning, some successes, some failures, and the start of something I hope will continue to...


5 {Excellent} Trauma-informed Care Online Resources

So clearly Trauma-Informed Care is all the rage these days in the social work arena (and in other intersecting fields as well). And for good reason—we’ve learned a lot over the past decade regarding...

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