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How becoming a MOM has made me a better Social Worker!

Happy May—Mother’s day month! Happy Mother’s Day to other mom’s reading this post! Last year around this time I posted this one, about some struggles that happen when you are a mom and social...


7 Most Popular Posts {from the First Year of Social Work Community}

Guess What?!? Social Work Community is a year old this month! Wowzers! It has been quite a year…lots of learning, some successes, some failures, and the start of something I hope will continue to...


5 {Excellent} Trauma-informed Care Online Resources

So clearly Trauma-Informed Care is all the rage these days in the social work arena (and in other intersecting fields as well). And for good reason—we’ve learned a lot over the past decade regarding...


5 Lessons We Can Learn From Nature

I love nature. Always have and always will. And since it is Earth Day Month I wanted to write something related to nature. I thought for a bit about writing about why social workers...


thecaseworkjournal: A Review & Giveaway!

I recently received this handy journal (thecaseworkjournal) in the mail after communicating with the author, Sherie Burgess, a bit via linkedin. Sherie created this journal because of her own experience as a social worker....


Laughter {A fun & easy self-care strategy}

Wanted to share a simple and easy self-care strategy that we often overlook—laughter! We all know how good it feels to have a good laugh, whether with our friends, hearing a funny joke, or...


Self-care & Self-Love: Changing the inner scripts!

I had an epiphany the other day when reflecting on self-care and my own struggles with feeling guilty about caring for myself. A simple, yet profound realization. Self-care becomes a whole lot easier when...


10 Social Work Quotes {To Inspire You}!

Happy Social Work Month! I wanted to take some time today to share some of my favorite social work related quotes. For me, reading quotes and having them nearby to reference helps me get...


Embracing Vulnerability

How many of you have watched Brene Brown’s Ted Talk about the Power of Vulnerability? It gets me every time. If you have yet to watch, please take 20 minutes to do so now....


5 Steps for Policy Advocacy

Are you a direct practice social worker who has realized how certain laws and policies are negatively impacting those you work with? Have you wanted to make large-scale change, but weren’t sure where to...

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